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Recycling Schemes

Make the most of your local Recycling Kerbside Collection Scheme, contact your local council to find out more.

Waste Strategy

The Northamptonshire Authorities’ original 2002 Waste Strategy, highlighted the need for Northamptonshire to change the way it manages its waste, the majority of which was being sent to landfill sites. It was developed soon after the Government’s Waste Strategy 2000, which provided a national strategy for waste management and introduced statutory local authority recycling and composting targets for the first time.

In May 2007, the Government published its revised National Waste Strategy. This included higher recycling targets for household waste than was previously the case.

The 2008 Northamptonshire Waste Strategy reflected the changes to Government Policy introduced through the 2007 revised National Waste Strategy including the new targets, the Landfill Tax escalator and the Landfill Allowance Trading Scheme.

In June 2011, the Coalition Government published a National Waste Policy Review.  This signalled the need for the NWP to review its current Northamptonshire Waste Strategy one year earlier than intended.

The 2012 Northamptonshire Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy has once again been produced by the Northamptonshire Waste Partnership.  It is a statement of our aims and aspirations for the management of the county’s waste over the next 13 years.

The amount of waste to be managed and the speed with which this increases, have obvious implications for both the environment and for the cost of managing this waste  (borne in part by council tax payers). During the lifetime of this Strategy – 2011/12 to 2025/26, an estimated 60,000 additional houses are anticipated in Northamptonshire increasing the number of households from approx 291,000 to 351,000. Although fewer than previously predicted, this will result in an increase in the total amount of waste to be managed and properties served in Northamptonshire.  This constitutes a challenge for the Northamptonshire Authorities, both in terms of service provision by the Districts and Boroughs and facility planning by the County Council.

The Parnership produces an annual action plan detailing the specific work planned for the year ahead. 

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