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Giveaway or Sell

Charity and nearly new shops, jumble sales and community schemes are good places to donate or sell second hand clothes, toys and furniture.


Compost is produced as a result of organisms such as, bacteria, fungi, worms and insects eating and breaking down organic material. This produces a rich material (compost) that will improve the structure of the soil, increase its moisture content and also put nutrients back into the soil. This encourages better plant growth.

Why compost?

There are environmental benefits to composting:

1. It will reduce the amount of waste in your household waste bin.

2. Organic waste such as grass, twigs and food produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas, when it breaks down in the absence of oxygen in landfill. This doesn't happen in a compost bin where material can biodegrade naturally.

3. It increases plant growth, health and improves soil structure.

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