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Giveaway or Sell

Charity and nearly new shops, jumble sales and community schemes are good places to donate or sell second hand clothes, toys and furniture.

Real nappies

Real nappies are so called because they are made from 'real' (natural) materials, usually cotton, and do not contain gels or chemicals. They are machine washable and can be used again and again.

Why Use Real Nappies

Real nappies are much easier to use than you think. Most of them have either popper or Velcro fastenings. You can still buy the traditional terry squares but there is also a huge range of shaped nappies that fit as easily as disposables without the need for folding or pinning.

With the development of washing machines and detergents there is no need for soaking or boiling. Real nappies can be washed at 60 or even 40 degrees.

Using real nappies can also save you money. While a kit of real nappies may cost you £50-£250, using disposal nappies until potty training may cost you around £1000 so there are definite savings to be made.

For further information on Real Nappies visit Go Real - The Real Nappy Information Service

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