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Smart shopping

Smart shopping is about reducing the amount of packaging that ends up in your bin.

Smart Shopping Tips:

Reuse carrier bags

Shops in the UK handout over 17.5 billion plastic shopping bags every year. This equates to 290 for every single man woman and child.

Every standard plastic carrier bag we throw away stays buried in the ground for generations before it finally breaks down.

Choose less packaging
Up to a quarter of rubbish we throw away is packaging. Some of it is necessary to protect goods but we can reduce the amount of rubbish we throw away and often save money too, by choosing products with less packaging.

Buying local products
Which is not only better for the environment by reducing food miles and minimising waste, but also provides a revenue for local farmers. Make the most of what is available this summer by visiting one of the many farm shops, farmers' markets and 'pick your own' sites dotted around the county. Local fruit and vegetables are often sold fresh from the field so do not require any treatment or packaging to preserve them. Also, think about visiting your local greengrocer, butcher or market to pick up some tasty goods.

We can make a difference by:

- buying fruit and vegetables loose rather than pre-packaged.

- choosing refills or concentrated items like washing powder and fabric conditioner.

- packing a lunchbox and avoiding pre-packed sandwiches.

- buying in bulk to avoid lots of individually packaged miniature and single-serving foods.

- buying recycled products. If we buy more recycled goods we will encourage manufacturers to demand more recycled materials to make them from. In the long run, this will reduce the rubbish we bury in the ground.

- buying long-life products.

- avoiding disposable products like napkins, plates and cups.

- buying rechargeable batteries.

- buying cotton nappies which can be washed and reused (the average baby uses one tonne of disposable nappies).

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