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Top Hints

Repair or adapt

The best environmental choice is to repair, restore or adapt a product you already have. You may need professional help but it could still be cheaper than something new.

Reuse Organisations

There are several organisations that accepted unwanted items in good condition for reuse. Below outlines some of these organisations.

Reusing Household Items

Unwanted but good quality furniture and household items are always in demand. Several local Furniture Reuse Charities (FRCs) can collect direct from your house and redistribute to needy people. By donating your bits and pieces such as your old dining table or wardrobe, you could help a family on low income gain access to things that are normally out of their budget.

This list is not exhaustive, other organisations may exist.

Other Reuse Organisations

If you are replacing smaller items that are in good condition, consider donating the old item to charity shop or a local reuse shop. A variety of local charities collect all sorts of stuff from CDs to clothes.

This list is not exhaustive, other organisations may exist.


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