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Right Stuff, Right Bin

Introducing a brand new initiative to boost Northamptonshire recycling rates!

Thank You!

A big thanks to all those Northamptonshire residents who recycle! Did you know we currently recycle about half of all waste? But we can do better than that! Help us improve by recycling more at home and, more importantly, recycling right.

Collecting the wrongs things can cost lots of money and can contaminate loads so its really important to make sure what goes in your recycling bin is 100% recyclable.


How you can help

Every piece of rubbish we can recycle helps to reduce the amount of waste sent unecessarily to landfill or treatment. But unfortunately, not everything we collect belongs in the recycling bin. Things like nappies, plastic bags, polystyrene and general waste are often found alongside the normal paper, plastic bottles and metal cans. Removing all this contamination will help us to recycle more.

Visit your local council website to check what can and cannot be recycled



Find out about Right Stuff, Right Bin

The Right Stuff, Right Bin campaign was launched by the Northamptonshire Waste Partnership at a roadshow on the Piazza in Brackley on Wednesday 27 September, during National Recycle Week.

Check out one of our other local roadshow events where you can ask questions and find out more about the Right Stuff, Right Bin campaign. All Northamptonshire councils are taking part in this important awareness initiative.


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