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Giveaway or Sell

Charity and nearly new shops, jumble sales and community schemes are good places to donate or sell second hand clothes, toys and furniture.

Big Bra Hunt

What do you do with an old bra? It's not easy! The underwire and padding in many bras makes them difficult to recycle and throwing them in landfill is just pure waste, right? Well here is the solution!

Bras might not seem like the most obvious thing to donate, but Oxfam offer an almost unique opportunity to see that good quality bras are put to reuse rather than wasted. Most charity shops will not accept your used bras but through their relationship with Senegal based company Frip Ethique, Oxfam will ensure they get used again.

Oxfam's Big Bra Hunt is responding to a real demand for UK made bras. British bras are seriously sought after in Senegal because, as in many developing countries, there are few places with the complex technology needed to manufacture bras. Good bras also make local women feel safer and more confident in their everyday lives.

So hunt out the bras you’ve forgotten about or don't wear; the gifts that don’t fit and the ones that looked better in the shop and Give Your Support!

Give Your Support

  • Girls! Add a selection of gorgeous new bras to your Christmas list to give yourself the perfect excuse to donate your old ones!
  • Why not convince your friends and family to have a rummage in their bottom drawer and help us collect even more for Oxfam?
  • Set up a collection at your workplace

Drop your donations at the Oxfam shop in Kingsthorpe (Northampton) or Kettering.

Find out more about the Big Bra Hunt on the Oxfam website

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