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Make the most of your local Recycling Kerbside Collection Scheme, contact your local council to find out more.

Carry on Composting - Even in winter!


“The sight of steam rising from a compost pile on a cold winter day is sure to warm the heart of every organic gardener. It's a sign that when spring comes, you'll have a batch of fresh compost to use for getting seeds and transplants off to a healthy start in your garden.”

With waste tonnages increasing by 30 % over the festive period there is still plenty that you can do to aid the compost process during the cold, quieter garden months.  Here are some tips for composting at this time of year. 

  • Leaf fall season is coming to an end, but many people still haven’t raked up their leaves.  They are brilliant for filling home composters. 


  • A layer of snow can help prevent compost heaps from a deep freeze, but be sure to clear the snow from the top of the pile before adding new material for composting, as it will make the pile more mushy when it melts, and the snow will inhibit thawing underneath.


  • Take time to add layers of brown ingredients to  “greens” in the compost heap – such as leaves, tea bags, small amounts of paper.  The layers help insulate the compost heap unit, trapping heat and gases inside.
  • Building a shelter/roof for your compost heap can help protect it from winter showers. If your pile it drenched, the air will be forced out of the pore spaces, killing good bacteria you want to keep hold of. This is why home composting units have lids.
  • Over Christmas we will produce even more veg peelings than usual (think sprouts!) These can all be home composted.  For food waste which cannot be home composted (cooked food, meat, bones etc) your local council maybe one of the five in Northamptonshire which collects kitchen food waste separately.  Click on our map to find out more. 


  • Winter also lends itself to fireplaces being lit – small amounts of cold ash can do wonders for your compost.

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