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Reduce Rubbish

Only buy things that you really need. Most of what we throw away could be used again. Think twice before you put something in the bin

Compost Bin Offer 2012

We are pleased to annouce that Northamptonshire residents can buy discounted compost bins through our new scheme. Prices start from just £16.00 plus delivery for a 220 litre bin. Prices are fixed until 31st March 2013.

A range of composting products are available including caddies, wormeries, Bokashi and extra large compost bins. Water butts are also available through the website.

Why not team up with your neighbour and take advantage of the Buy 1 get 1 half price promotion? Offer applies to the 220 litre and 330 litres compost bins only.

Visit the Get Composting website

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