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Reuse Products

Use containers again - buy food, drinks and toiletries in returnable containers and ask local shops to stock them.

Dreaming of a Green Christmas?

Preparations for the festive season are well underway and before we know it we will be exchanging gifts, eating too much and overfilling our wheelie bins with rubbish!  But there are simple ways in which you can make Christmas just a little bit greener this year.

When buying your wrapping paper, make sure that it is paper and not foil, which cannot be recycled easily.  Even better, close that loop and buy wrapping paper and Christmas cards which are made from recycled paper.  To save time, money and paper why not send an e-Christmas card and make a donation to charity?

Instead of buying expensive and sometimes unwanted gifts buy gift vouchers or experiences for your loved ones so that they can really have what they want.  Rechargeable batteries for the children’s toys will reduce hazardous waste and will save you money in the long term. 

When choosing your real Christmas tree buy one with a good root on it so that you can plant it in your garden after Christmas.  It might even last long enough to use again it next year.  If you have the time, making homemade tree decorations with the children can use up unwanted CDs, bits of fabric, ribbon etc.

Once Christmas is over make sure that you use up all those left overs – turkey curry anyone?  Check out: for lots of lovely recipies. 

If you are not planting it in the garden, put your real Christmas tree out for collection by your local council if they offer that service or take to a Household Waste Recycling Centre, so that it can be chipped for compost.  Reuse your Christmas cards to make gift tags for next year and recycle the rest.

The chances are we won’t have a white Christmas, but we can all have a greener one if we remember to reduce, reuse and recycle at this time of year. 

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