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Get Composting This Autumn

The leaves may be red, but let’s keep being GREEN.

Don’t waste your waste this Autumn, get composting


It’s time to prune, trim and prepare your garden for next year.  But what will you do with your garden debris? Instead of taking it to the tip or overfilling your garden waste bin, recycle that waste and use it as compost next year.

To encourage more people to compost at home this autumn, the Northamptonshire Waste Partnership has teamed up with www.getcomposting.comto offer Home Compost Bins from only £19.98 (RRP £39).

Better still, there is currently a special ‘buy one get one half price’ offer on some bins, which is great if you have a larger garden or want to team up with a friend or neighbour!

Getcomposting also have some special offers on a range of other green goodies including ‘buy one get one half price’ water butts and other accessories.


To order, simply visit or call 0844 571 4444.


Why compost?


  • It’s easy to make and easy to use.
  • It’s a free continual source of the very best compost.
  • Improves soil structure, PH balance and moisture
  • Helps your plants grow
  • Reduces carbon emissions and the need for polluting bonfires
  • Lessens organic waste from landfill and reduces refuse collection costs


Councillor Chris Millar, Chair of the Northamptonshire Waste Partnership said:

Typically, one third of all household rubbish and garden waste is organic matter which can be recycled at home in a compost bin.  Home composting not only helps to significantly reduce carbon emissions, but it can also be used as an effective and sustainable waste management method to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.’’


There are so many benefits of home composting. So if you have never made compost before, turn over an autumn leaf and start composting today.

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