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Top Hints

Cut down packaging

The amount of plastic packaging waste from UK households is about one million tonnes.

Have you received a leaflet?

The Recycle for Northamptonshire team have been leafleting several areas of the county to raise awareness of our new 'Right Stuff, Right Bin' campaign. If you have received a leaflet please do read the information contained within to ensure you are recycling correctly. Answers to any of your questions can be found on this website.

We would like to thank everyone who is trying as hard as ever to recycle all they can! Together, we collectively recycle around half of all the waste we generate. We couldn't do it without you! But everyone can do just one more thing, right? So lets get recycling rates in your local area higher than ever!

Things you can do:

  • Read the updated information contained within the 'Right Stuff, Right Bin' booklet and check to see you are recycling correctly. The wrong stuff can cause problems for collection crews so please avoid things such as polystyrene and crisp packets in your recyclling bin.
  • Didn't know you can recycle aerosols and foil alongside your cans and tins? Many people tell us they didn't realise the full variety of items that can be recycled at kerbside. Recycling just one more thing can make all the difference so give it a go!
  • Encourage a friend or neighbour to go the extra mile or offer to let a hand. It is a sad fact that a sizable proportion of householders still do not recycle all they can or refuse to recycle at all. Recycling is easy and helps to make services more eficienct, saving valuable money for other services. Help us get more rubbish turned into something new rather than simply wasted.

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