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Repair or adapt

The best environmental choice is to repair, restore or adapt a product you already have. You may need professional help but it could still be cheaper than something new.

Let's Recycle More

A lot of recyclable materials are still being found in the household kerbside general waste collection. Our target is to reduce the amount of recyclable waste that is put in residual waste by 5%

In Northamptonshire, all households have access to a kerbside waste collection service. This means that each household is responsible for an average of 0.6 tonnes of general residual waste annually.

Research suggests that each household has up to 34% of recyclable material in its general residual waste which equates to sending 0.2 tonnes of recyclable waste per year to landfill instead of being recycled. This is costing £15.91 per household landfilling materials that could easily be recycled.

The most common recyclable materials found in household kerbside general waste collection:

- Plastic, such as bottles and food packaging (16.74%)

- Paper, including newspapers and magazines (7.45%)

- Glass (2.58%)

- Metal, including food cans (2.44%)

To landfill 1 tonne of general household waste costs the Council £86 per tonne. We currently landfill 140,000 tonnes which will cost £12million in one year alone.

To recycle 1 tonne of waste at the kerbside costs the Council £41.50. Therefore, recycling just 50% of the current landfilled household waste (70,000 tonnes) could save £3 million public money in 2012/13 and £3.5 million the following year.

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