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Reuse Products

Use containers again - buy food, drinks and toiletries in returnable containers and ask local shops to stock them.

Real Nappy Week

Northamptonshire Waste Partnership is proud to support Real Nappy Week 2012. Throughout the week 16th – 22nd April, various national and local events will be happening to highlight the many benefits of making the switch from disposal to washable nappies. Real nappy week is a campaign run by Go Real.

Go Real Spokesperson, Rebecca says:

“Real Nappies have never been easier to use.  The progress in design means that they are very similar to disposables to put on, the fabrics are very quick drying and modern washing machines get them clean quickly and efficiently.  Real Nappy Week offers parents a fantastic opportunity to attend events, get information online and take advantage of special offers.”

 “Not only will events take place across the UK, but there will also be a lot happening online with Go Real members sharing their candid advice on how to make sure that using Real Nappies is easy and convenient for parents.”

To find out more about Real Nappy Week contact Rebecca Rapson at Go Real, on 0845 850 0606, email: or visit:

Why use Real Nappies?

Washing nappies is much cheaper than buying single use ones. Did you know that parents can save at least £500 per child by choosing real nappies? That’s quite a saving in the current economic climate. Washing nappies is also better for the environment, helping to reduce the amount of energy used in production and transport of disposals while also helping to keep around 3 billion dirty diapers out of UK landfills. Real Nappies are also championed by many parents who favour the soft comfortable fabrics as well as the fun and functional designs. Washable nappies have never been easier to use!

Get Started

Now is the ideal time to investigate real nappies as a sustainable choice for your baby. To help parents make the switch to washable nappies, Northamptonshire County Council is offering £25.00 cash back on a £60.00 purchase of any washable nappies*. Simply keep the receipts to claim.

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