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Reuse Products

Use containers again - buy food, drinks and toiletries in returnable containers and ask local shops to stock them.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

We are so excited about reducing our rubbish this Christmas that we have produced a video to show you how. So join us on a cheesy mission to slim your bin. We have a number of top tips to show you how to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost over the festival period.

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Recycle Wine Bottles:

Had a very merry Christmas? Recycling glass bottles and jars is so easy and can save a phenomenal amount of energy compared to making glass from raw materials.

Recycle Christmas cards:

You are so popular, look at all those cards! Recycle them in the New Year in your kerbside collection or deposit it a Woodland Trust recycling bank. Feeling creative? Why not stock up for next year by making tags for presents from old Christmas cards.

Eat Up Food:

Make creative use of your festive feast by making a range of Christmas treats. Turn leftover Christmas Pudding into a decadent ice cream dessert or strudel or turn the turkey into tasty Coconut Curry or Croutes. Visit the Love Food Hate Waste website for more rescue recipes to make your Christmas feast last longer.

Recycle tins:

While pretty biscuit tins are invaluable for bits and bobs around the house, any other metal food containers can be recycled. So grab those drinks cans, tins and trays and give the recycling bin a good stuffing!

Five Rechargeable Batteries:

How many batteries does that electronic robot need?! Better save yourself a packet and buy some rechargeable batteries. Best thing too is that when they are flat you can simply pop them in a charger and away you go. Saves an emergency trip to the shops too!

Make a Christmas Bauble:

Add a personal touch to the tree by making your own decorations out of recycled materials. Check out our Christmas Craft pictures and videos on


Recycle all your foil:

Collect up all the foil from the Christmas lunch. You can recycle any foil items that scrunch up like turkey roasting trays, foil wrap and mince pie cases.

Buy Less Packaging:

It sometimes seems that everything comes in layers and layers of packaging and while some can be recycled; films, bags and other fiddly bits can’t. So hunt out the loose veg and the lightly packed toys in order to slim that bin! Why not gift virtual gifts like vouchers to cut the packaging completely? 

Compost Veg Peelings:

Fill up your compost bin or food waste caddy (where available) with your fruit and vegetable peelings and save organic waste going to landfill.

Buy Recycled Presents:

So you have been recycling all year? Close the loop by buying recycled gifts and necessities. There are a wide range of products you can buy these days such a jewellery, accessories, gits and toys. The only limit is your imagination.

Compost your Real Christmas Tree:

Was your Christmas tree a faithful friend over the festival period but looking forlorn now it’s the New Year? Return it to the earth by composting it. All real Christmas trees can be taken to your local Household waste Recycling Centre where they will be shredded and broken down into nutritious soil condition. Your local council may accept trees through the kerbside collection, contact them for further details.


Donate My Dining Table:

Is the table groaning in anticipation of your extended family feast? If you are buying a new table to fit a large family of diners consider donating your old table to a Furniture Reuse Charity. There are several reuse charities locally who will take your old furniture away and you may help someone less fortunate than yourself have a Christmas to remember.

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