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Your Experiances with Real Nappies

Recycle for Northamptonshire runs a Keeping It Real campaign to help parents try real nappies on their babies. Not only do we offer a £25 cashback offer on all purchases of washable nappies, but there are also seven Real Nappy Loan Kits too to enable parents to test out a variety of nappies before investing in their own.

We chat with two parents who are using real nappies on their children.

Q: What made you choose washable nappies?

Faye says “At first I was very confused and a bit curious about 'real nappies'. I try and do my bit by recycling at home and it seemed to fit! I used the internet and after seeking help from my Facebook birthing board I was pointed to more nappy groups, again on Facebook. So easy! After asking endless stupid questions, I jumped right in and ordered a few nappies and even wipes. Well, its easy to say that I haven't looked to back!”

Q: How did you know what to buy?

Faye says “I found the Northamptonshire Loan Kit the perfect and the cheapest way to try different brands before committing to buy. Even came across a few brands I hadn't even heard of!”

Q: Is washing the nappies difficult?

Robert says “Our biggest concern was the amount of washing but we found that we can wash them every other day. When taken off baby we rinse under the cold tap, they are stored in a covered bucket. We tend to wash them early in the morning and hang outside when it's warm or last thing in the evening during winter then hang them on an indoor dryer; the majority will be dry by morning. Then they are 'stuffed' and put away in the morning.  Sunlight bleaches them white, even during winter months. They are washed hot occasionally; about once a month.”

Q: Has using cloth nappies saved you money?

Robert says “The fact they have already been paid for means a reduction in ongoing costs and no financial worries about changing him as often as we want. Several people have been shocked at the cost of one reusable nappy; however it is going to be used for 2 or 3 years. In total including nappies, wipes and bucket etc we have spent approximately £170. This could definitely have been done cheaper; we just chose to buy a few extra cute ones! What has surprised me is the second hand market for nappies; if you are not planning on more babies they can be sold.”

Q: How do washable nappies fare against disposables in the nappy rash stakes?

Robert says “We are really happy using washable nappies and we have never had sore bits. After his injections we were advised to use disposables for 48 hours and although they may be a bit more convenient they did give him nappy rash.”

Q: Are Real Nappies for everyone?

Faye says “I had this image of cloth mums to be all Eco tree-hugging warriors but they are like me, just normal every day mums!”

Q: If you had to sum up washable nappies?

Robert says “They are really cute, very easy to use, even our teenager regularly volunteers to change baby’s nappy! And they don't smell!”

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