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Use containers again - buy food, drinks and toiletries in returnable containers and ask local shops to stock them.

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Why compost?

There are environmental benefits to Composting:

  • It reduces the amount of waste in the household waste bin.

  • Organic waste such as grass, twigs and food produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas, when it breaks down in the absence of oxygen in landfill. This doesn't happen in a compost bin where material can biodegrade naturally.

  • Increases plant growth, health and improves soil structure.

If you cant compost in your garden you can either use your local council garden waste collection - some councils may charge,  or take your garden waste to a local Household Waste Recycling Centre - free of charge. 

You can even buy the finished compost back in small bags at some of the recycling centres.

Claim Cashback on Real Nappies until June 2015

24.04.2015 -

It's Real Nappy Week so what better time to investigate the benefits of ditching...

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Relaunched Loan Kits this Real Nappy Week

22.04.2015 -

To celebrate Real Nappy Week 2015 we have relaunched our popular Real Nappy Loan...

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Greener Northamptonshire Fair

13.04.2015 -

Come to the Greener Northamptonshire Fair and discover many stalls selling local produce, upcycled...

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Don't Be A Tosser - Anti-Roadside Litter Campaign

24.02.2015 -

A fresh campaign to tackle the blight of litter thrown from vehicles onto roadsides across Northamptonshire...

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Seedy Saturday 14th Feb

19.01.2015 -

Fruitful Abundance are launching their first Seed Swap event on Saturday 14th Feb at the Looking...

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