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Reduce Rubbish

Only buy things that you really need. Most of what we throw away could be used again. Think twice before you put something in the bin

Our Videos

A big thanks to all Northamptonshire residents who recycle, did you know we currently recycle about half of all waste? Help us improve by recycling more and recycling right. Collecting the wrongs things can cost lots of money and can contaminate loads so its really important to make sure what goes in your recycling bin is 100% recyclable. Watch the video for more information and tips.


Are you recycling all you can? Watch this video to get ideas on how to recycle even more from the home.


This is an exert from a Love Food Hate Waste roadshow we did in Northampton one summer. Celebrity chef Richard Fox advises people on how to get more out of their food. 


This video was produced at SITA's Sidegate Lane Landfill near Wellingborough.  


This video was shot at the Materials Recycling Facility in Northampton. It shows how recyclable materials are sorted by hand and machine before finally being transported to reprocessors.


This video shows how recycling collected by Kier is recycled. Residents in Corby and east Northamptonshire have their rubbish and recycling collected by this company.  


Other Videos

Help us to maximise the amount of rubbish we recycle. See the following videos from Recycle Now for tips and fun information.


Food Waste - how it is recycled from RecycleNow on Vimeo.


Collection Services - what happens to your waste after collection from RecycleNow on Vimeo.

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